Thursday, April 7, 2011

Papa John 10miler

At the end of March we ran the 10mile race along with Mike's dad. Again, our times were nothing to brag about in relation to last year but certainly another big accomplishment. Mike wasn't too terribly off his pace but was still not the happiest with his performance. I on the other hand ran 2min/mile slower this year which I had anticipated being the case. Following the 10k I had a great deal of hip pain so went into the 10mile knowing that in that in terms of having appropriate healing and recovery from 3 births in a short period of time that I shouldn't put too much force on my hips by running 10miles on pavement. I essentially warmed up for three miles and then ran intervals for the next 5miles doing 10min on (jogging) followed by 5min off (power-walking) then finished off the race running the last 2 miles at a faster pace and was actually able to finish the last mile just under 8min pace so that was the highlight of my run. Doing intervals definitely made it a challenging workout style run but ultimately led to a much slower time than last year with the added walking. Hopefully next year I can pick up the pace again and get some good performances! Here is our family post race shot!

Rodes City 10K

Several weeks back Mike and I ran the Rodes City 10k, the second of the triple crown races. Our times were much behind last years with Mike being about 7min slower and Angela 13min slower. The fact is WE did it!!! I am proud to say I was able to finish the entire race without walking-- though I imagine I could have walked faster at times! Here is our 10k post race shot for this year, with the addition of Maezyn and Mathus!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Few Pics from March....

The best shot I've managed to get of the three of them together. Pathetic I know. It will probably be years before we get a decent one of these!
Maezyn and Mathus. Maez is attached to his little brother, always wanting to hold him and calls him "bay-bay" in such a sweet innocent voice!

Baby Mathus and his BIG brown eyes looking precious as always!

Mahkii and Mathus and laying in bed together, one of Mahkii's favorite things to do--lay on the "big" bed with baby Math!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Computer Dilema & Weight Loss Battles....

Sorry for the delay in posts. Believe it or not my hard-drive is out of memory. I don't even have enough memory to upload any pictures from my digital camera, thus the lack of posts since all my pictures are stuck there instead of on my computer. Not to worry though mike ordered me a HUGE (won't even begin to use computer language to say how big) new hard drive so once that arrives I will be back in the photo business and therefore posts will resume!

As for weight loss, well I have continued to lose a little each week with the exception of week where I gained nearly 3lbs, not sure what the heck happened there but I lost the same amount back the following week so back on track. As of this weeks weigh in I am down a total of 17.8lbs. Things seem to be moving a bit slower then I'd prefer and I am feeling rather frustrated but know if I do my best to keep at it then I will get to where I want to be. For me this needs to be a full lifestyle change over time so it can be maintained versus some crazy diet to get the weight off quick though it would really feel nice to suddenly be thin again! Anyway, thank you for all the support along my journey and the encouragement to stick with it is always appreciated and certainly helps to pull me out of my slumps I get into!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mathus Dr. Seuss Pics

Well since Mahkii and Maezyn have their Thing 1/Thing 2 pictures up in their Dr. Seuss themed room I figured I better get a picture of Mathus to add to the room since it is after all his room too!!!! So here are some of my top picks from a few shots I took the other day.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nana & Gramps Visit

Well we survived our first week post-Nana's visit!!! Nana was such a helping hand while she was here it made for a hard week this past week without her. Nana came in on Saturday and was able to stay all the way through the following Saturday and Gramps flew in mid-week on Wed also leaving on Saturday! Angela was able to have a "date" night with her mom which they spent painting pottery at a cool little art studio. Angela and Mike also got to go on a date night which they spent at the shooting range- a cool new experience for the both of them. Mike and Angela also went and ran the Anthem 5K while Nana and Gramps were available to watch over the boys. Finally, we sent Nana and Gramps out on a well deserved date night to our favorite steak house!!! The time Angela got to spend with her mom was AWESOME... but it has made her miss her mom even more.
Mahkii bonded very well with Gramps, clinging to him most of his visit. Maezyn was Nana's little snuggle bug and of course Mathus just slept, ate, cried, and pooped!!! Nana will sure tell you they all pooped and pooped and pooped (hehehehe). Nana probably changed more diapers in her week here than she has in years--THANK YOU!!!! Nana and Gramps also took Mahkii on a special day to the Louisville Slugger Museum and again Maezyn slept the whole time and had no idea Mahkii got to go anywhere special. Nana said Mahkii was amazingly well behaved on their outing though he came home and turned into quite the trouble maker.
Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures since our hands always seemed to be full but we did have lots of good memories and if we get a hold of any of the pics from Nana or Gramps cameras we will be sure to add them. Also, we will post a picture of the pottery Nana and Angela made!!!